Thematic Focus

CPPLi is determined to achieving the stated objectives as necessitated by the following themes



CPPLi is situated in North Eastern Region of Nigeria which has been devastated by the terrorist activities of the ‘Boko Haram’ sect. 


Our emergency response focuses on rebuilding this social structures to help victims return to their normal lives and to foster resilience by creating avenues for self expression, listening, counseling, encouragement for goal setting, active participation of victims in issues affecting them, provision of life skills and safe spaces for general activities.


Furthermore; CPPLI strengthens the family and community relations towards ensuring that effective communication and active expression is supported among the victims.


Taking advantage of our location, at CPPLI, we strive to provide a strong functional mental health network which was not in existence, to provide psycho-support service to victims of Domestic Violence, rape, teenage pregnancy and abuse to prevent further damage and reduce the experienced trauma.