Promoting Girl Child Education

Access to quality education to girls in developing countries like Nigeria is a major challenge that contributes to much abuse, violence and exploitation which girls are facing. CPPLI strives to provide qualitative and effective education to girl children and other vulnerable and less privilege children through the four core approaches:

Building a strong foundation of the children at the early childhood education:

studies have shown that quality early childhood education develop and enhances the technical, cognitive, and behavioral skills and capacities of children and make them potential to high productivity later in life.

Promoting access of girls from poor family to basic education.

It is of no doubt that children of the poor are shielded by economic constrains and lack the means of attending primary schools. We provide cash interventions such as the conditional and unconditional cash transfers to vulnerable and poor households so as to enroll and increase the attendance of their children to formal schools to acquire basic education.

Providing girls with requisite skills and knowledge to participate in labor market thereby ensuring empowerment and economic growth.

Research have shown that many girls (adolescent and adults) are not involve or engage in income generating activities and therefore remain unemployed or idle. This had inflicted a serious danger to the economic growth and development of the developing countries like Nigeria. In response to the above menace, CPPLI works to provide girls with life skills opportunities, trainings, empowerments and job placements which go a long way in promoting income of households and developing the economy of the communities and the nation at large. In a research conducted in Song local Government Area of Adamawa State by CPPLI, adolescent girls were empowered through life skills activities and trainings and the organization supported them to market their products. This approach had increased the income of the family of these adolescent girls and economy of the communities.

Advocates to societies and government to provide conducive labour market environments:

we strives to strengthen income protection systems so as to transform skills into actual employment and productivity through providing girls with information on how market truly works like showing them videos of other girls engage in traditionally men activities or business and telling them the income that would be generated from such occupation.