Preventing Drug Abuse

Drug and substance abuse are at the very high in developing countries, and adolescents and young adults are the most affected. The menace of drug abuse has eaten deep into the fabrics of our societies which is responsible to lots of social vices which includes moral decadence, violence, thugery, assault, madness , murder among others. By the year 2030 CPPLI remain resolute and focus to end drug and substance abuse in the Northeast Nigeria through innovative approach that includes:

  • Effective counseling programmes and efficient campaigns against drug abuse.

  • Advocacy to government and other relevant stakeholders to establish drug control counseling centers and employ qualified drug counselors to help drug addicts to withdraw from drug abuse as well as setting up drug awareness units at the states and local government levels which would help drug addicts solve their psychological problems without treating them as criminals.

  • Providing rehabilitation services to the drug addicts through the use of qualified counselors and psychologists.

Drug prevention programmes such as family-based, school-based and community-based drug abuse prevention programmes which aim to provide education and knowledge to mitigate drug dependency at the family, school and community level. CPPLI inform drug abusers the dangers of addiction, prevention techniques and where to find help when necessary.