Peer Learning

Peer learning sweeps across a broad range of activities

CPPLi believes in partnering with communities to upgrade their living standards by eradicating poverty, diseases, environmental problems and providing support for victims of disasters and violence through discussions, counseling, target setting for Community Based Organisations, seminars, mentoring and data collection for other Non Governmental Organisations; linking the communities with knowledge and assistance.

CPPLi finds Peer learning is a mutually beneficial activity as it involves sharing knowledge and truly understanding the core situations of the focal groups. It brings us close to the community, giving us an edge by their acceptance, to introduce activities that were hitherto disliked due to mistrust.

Peer learning has helped us to coordinate the communities easier at a time when resources are stretched and demands are increasing, it has enabled us to present a global ideology to the most rural focal groups within a short period, collaborating with donor agencies, international organizations and government to address the most critical issues.

We use Peer Learning to assess the degree of needs of a community, share experiences, identify sustainable family development opportunities which we share with the community and other organizations.

To this end, CPPLi established Fourteen (14) child protection clubs across Adamawa State, Nigeria in 2012 to provide an avenue for discussing issues of abuse among teens, rape, genital mutilation, drug abuse and other forms of vices. This effort has proven success.