What is the Geographical expertise has CPPLI covered?

The geographical expertise of the organization is North East Nigeria, presently working in 10 communities namely; Bahuli, Hildi, Garaha, Warambugge, Sabon gari, Tampul, Futu, Vi, Gulak and Shuwa across Mubi North, Hong, Madagali, Michika and Askira Uba respectively.

What is CPPLI vision and mission?

VISION Child Protection and Peer Learning Initiative envisages a society where every woman and child has a right to access and attain quality life and education by nurturing and successfully developing ethical and moral culture with dignity to contribute to nation building and global peace. MISSION STATEMENT To build a sustainable partnership with communities, governments, UN system, private sector and individuals in effectively providing mechanisms and resources to improve lives of the less privileged; combating Gender Based Violence, poverty, diseases, illiteracy, exploitation and abuse of child/women rights.

What is the resource expertise of the Organization?

CPPLI have a strong manpower of 38 total number of staff (25 permanent staff and 13 volunteers) Consisting of 23 female and 15 male staff. However, the organization is managing two offices, lots of office equipment, laptop and desktop computers used purposely for office activities.

What is client expertise of CPPLI in terms of Partnership in the past 4 years?

CPPLI had partnered with Creative Associates International (CAI), NEPAD/APRM United Nation Population Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA), UNODC, MGDs, Adamawa State Government, Adamawa State Universal Basic Education Board (ADSUBEB), Adamawa State Agency for the Control of AIDS (ADSACA), Federal Ministry of Education, North East Regional Initiative (NERI) and currently in partnership with PLAN International Nigeria.

Where is CPPLI offices situated?

Head office: No. 22 Atilu Abubakar Road, Jimeta, Yola North Adamawa State. Filed office: Off Yelwa Street, Behind A.A Duhu Filling Station, Mubi North LGA,

CPPLI is recognized as Adamawa indigenous non-governmental organization registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and belongs to the protection, health and education in emergencies sectors/clusters working groups as well as the Adamawa Network for Non-Governmental Organization (NANGO). The organization had received various awards of excellence and recommendation letters in humanitarian service engagements from various agencies and organizations within and outside the state.

Does CPPLI have Board of Trustee?

CPPLI have Board of Trustee who make decisions and review policies of the organization on termly basis as required.

When does the board of Trustee conduct its meeting?

Board of Trustee members usually conducts their meeting semi-annually and under emergency situations.

What is the gender balance of the Board of Trustee?

The board has a total of 7 members 4 are males and 3 are females.

Does CPPLI have policies that are guiding its operation?

CPPLI have well-coordinated and well established policies that goes in line with the principles, and constitutions of Nigeria. These include human resource, financial, procurement and protection policies.

Does CPPLI have an Organogram?

CPPLI have a well-designed and structured Organogram with sound channels of information and communication

Does the Organization have a gender balance in its staff capacity?

The organization has a total of 38 staff including the permanent and voluntary staff and the gender is highly balanced among the staff.

How does the Organization control conflict?

CPPLI encourage all members to respect the values, ethics and principles of the organization and one another and consider alternative dispute resolution as a based means of resolving conflicts.

Does the Human Resource (HR) policy goes in line with the government policy?

The Human resource policy is designed in line with laws and constitution of the government of Nigeria considering all rights and reservations of the country.

What are the processes guiding recruitment of staff?

The procedures of recruitment as contained in the human resource policy includes steps and processes; this is done through job advertisement via the organization website, Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media platforms followed by collection of applications from applicants, interview/aptitude tests and induction of qualified applicants.

What is the engagement of CPPLI in relation to UNFPA assistance/intervention

CPPLI is in a voluntary partnership with UNFPA in the aspect of Sexual/Gender Based Violence (S)GBV where identified cases and cases referred for legal action are been reported to the UNFPA for data/information management.

What is the system of coordination for CPPLI administrative and leadership representation?

The organization has a system of coordination which involves its termly meetings and

Does CPPLI have relationship with government, communities and stakeholders?

CPPLI built a sustainable relationship with government, communities, UN agencies, individuals and other member organizations.

Does CPPLI engage into any activities other than humanitarian affairs for any reason?

CPPLI as clearly stated in all its portfolio and profile is a non-political, non-religious, non-partisan, non-profit organization that is objectively established for humanitarian endeavors.

Does CPPLI have Duns number?

Yes, CPPLI possesses a duns number as 1987869

Have the organization received awards for excellence?

CPPLI has received lots of award and recommendation letters from various government and private agencies as well as united nation agencies.

What is the mode of coordination and partnership in the organization?

CPPLI has a clearly documented coordination and facilitation role that is understood by all relevant stakeholders.

How is the Coordination platform like?

CPPLI has established effective platforms of Child protection response coordination and monitoring.

What Services delivery policy/guidelines do CPPLI adapt?

CPPLI adopts available national policy guidelines for OVC service, areas with exception of protection case management, adolescents and parenting.

Who are the Referral channels of the organization in cases identified and require referrals support.

CPPLI has effective referral mechanism in cases of child protection and sexual gender based violence and the pathways are the IRC, DRC, NJR, IOM, Security agencies etc.

How effective is the organization in the aspect of proposal writing and resource mobilization?

The programme staff of the organization had attended various trainings on proposal writings and the organization had written and won lots of proposals from various donors.

How does CPPLI work out its expression of interest in the event where there is a request for proposal?

Expressions of interest together with the conveyance letter are written based on the donor requirements and specifications.

Who evaluates/assess the members of the board of Trustee?

The board members are been evaluated by the Executive Director (ED) and the administrative staff.

What strategies do you undertake in addressing your programmatic areas?

Advocacy, behavior change communication, capacity development, community mobilization, direct service delivery, monitoring and evaluation of project activities and personal evaluation.

What are your specific target working groups?

IDPs, Orphans & vulnerable children, less privilege and vulnerable children, women, adolescent boys and girls, youths, out-of-school children, street children, pregnant women, people living with HIV and AIDS amongst others.

What are your Current and past projects that you have undergo as an organization?

Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV and AIDS sponsored by ADSACA and funded by World Bank, Education Crisis Response sponsored by IRC and funded by USAID, Say No to Drug Abuse funded by NERI, Child Protection and Sexual/Gender Based Violence sponsored by PLAN Int’l Nigeria and funded by GFFO.

Does your organization have a governing board in place and functional written constitution in place and all staff

Yes, CPPLI has a governing board and a functional constitution and all the staff has access to the constitution.

What are the measures you use in training of staff?

Staff are trained periodically based on needs of the various units of the organization and the general aspects such as advocacy and communication skills that require each staff to be strengthening on that.

Does your organization regularly share information with other CSOs that have similar advocacy objectives and goals?

Yes, this organization shares information with other CSOs during sector coordination meetings and on various platforms of the sector working groups and networks.

Does this organization attends a regular CSOs coalition meetings and participates in coordination meetings with a

Yes, CPPLI team used to attend all coordination meetings organized by coordination forums and report to the forums on regular basis. The organization also used to submit a monthly 5Ws reports to the various coordination sectors and networks in the state.

Does the organization built good working relationship with legislators?

Yes, the organization has paid an advocacy visits to some members of the state house of assembly and had built a cordial relationship with the members.

How does this organization maintain good relationship with media and other organization?

The organization have a very good ground and positive relationship with the media houses and other national and international organization within the state and this was achieved through advocacy and introduction to the media houses and the other organization.

Does the organization develop a clear evidence-based message to share to its audience? Are the advocacy materials well disseminated with tracking of uptake and utilization?

Yes this organization has a focus and a target group in every message it passes to it target audience hereby by making it very objective and realistic in message delivery to it target audience. Hereby keep track and up to date with all materials through additional sensitizations, questions and answer sections.

How does this organization keep tract of its external environment?

The organization has a system that monitors its external environment and tracks the outcomes of advocacy using its findings to improve program performance in a timely manner

Does your organization involve in child protection?

Yes CPPLI is involved in child protection as it falls on one of our thematic areas and currently in partnership with PLAN Int’l Nigeria on Child Protection and Sexual/Gender-Based Violence project been implementing in Hong, Mubi North, Michika, Madagali and Askira Uba (Borno State).

Do you have GBV officer?

CPPLI has active and dedicated GBV officer who have attended several trainings on GBV and Case Management from various agencies and organizations such as IRC and PLAN Int’l Nigeria.

Does the Organization have a policy guiding Donors funds?

Yes; CPPLI have a standard finance policy that guides funds donated by donors. .

What type of accounting system does Cppli use to capture and report all financial transactions?

CPPLI’s financial resources are administered through a general ledger (GL) system. Excel worksheets are used to capture and report all financial transactions. .

Does the organization have a Chart of account?

Yes; There is a chart of account incorporated in the account policy manual.

How the Chart of account useful?

The Chart of account which is also known as the list of Codes is used to record and analyze raw financial information.

How does information users access cppli’s finance statement?

CPPLI maintain financial record that are well organized, transparent and accurately represented in accordance with our financial policy and provide in a handbook for the consumption of information users.

How does the organization present its financial statement to information users?

The management of CPPLI is responsible for preparing and presenting a consolidated financial statement at the end of each accounting year for the benefit of financial information users through proper internal and external audit.

How is Auditing being conducted in the organization?

Auditing is being conducted in the organization in accordance with audition standard that is generally accepted in Nigeria.

How does the Organization ensure that the financial report is free from misstatement?

Cppli invites professionally registered auditors who plan and perform the audit report to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the consolidated financial statement are free from material misstatement

How does CPPLI Tracks income and expenditure donor’s funds?

The organization track expenses and revenues using unique project number assigned to each project as assigned by the organization/donor.

What is the budget advocacy tracking mechanisms used for Transparency and accountability in project implementation/execution?

There is a budget tracking template in place that provides a WBS activity tracker which links each line of activity to its stipulated expenditure.

How does the organization observe accounting practices and internal control?

The organization’s accounting practices and internal control meet generally accepted accounting principles and are periodically updated to meet requirements of the organization and donors as the needs arises.

What objective does the financial policy tend to achieve in each project?

The Organization’s finance policy, is developed to achieve a proper record of financial transaction with a system that permits the preparation of reliable financial statement and report

What is the financial responsibilities of the Executive Director(ED) in relation to /organization donors funds?

The ED has the primary responsibility for managing the programs, project and operating funds that are received and utilized from the funder, through overseeing and approving all financial activity managed by the organization and ensure the proper internal control are maintained.

What is the minimum number of signatories for organization/donor fund approval ?

The minimum number signatories in the organization two.

When do you review your inventory record?

Basically quarterly and also awaits demand for review by donor.

What term of payment does the organization undertake from funders in its projects?

The organization undertakes advanced payment term, but also accept accrual payment term.

What type of bank account does the organization have?

CPPLI has cooperate bank account in 3 different commercial banks Zenith, Access and GTB respectively.

How many signatories of account does the organization have?

Executive Director and one BOT member.

What is the maximum amount for your petty cash?

The minimum amount for petty cash is N50,000.

How does the Organization present its report?

CPPLI present its reports based on the donor-requirement specified by the nature of the funding and the independence of the organization. The two most common reporting types are the financial and narrative reports and the reports are made on donor template. In terms of the office reports, the organization presents monthly and annual reports.

What are the bodies the organization aligns with?

CPPLI and member CSO’s align with national and international single data reporting mechanism, using a national unified data reporting system. CPPLI is in the process of developing data management standard operating procedures (SOP) to guide data management and reporting.

What is the mode of Learning and adaptation?

The organization learns from seminars, workshop trainings, meetings with other partners, sectors/clusters and the acquired knowledge are then passed within the organization via step-down trainings and in-house workshops, seminars and meetings

Who asses the performance of all staff?

Staff performance evaluation is done by the Human resource officer and oversees by the Executive Director.

Who evaluate the performance of the Executive Director?

The board of trustee.

Who evaluate the performance of Board of Trustees?

The board of trustee members are evaluated by the Executive director and the administrative staff of the organization.

Does CPPLI staff have job description attached in their files?

Yes they have their job descriptions clearly attached on their letters of appointment.

How does CPPLI plan to monitor its project activities?

Project activities are monitored and evaluated by the M&E and Programme officers through weekly monitoring visits and monthly and quarterly evaluations using the donor and the organizational evaluation templates. Also, the organization used spot checks as a means of tracking transparent and accountable implementation of project.

What is Capacity of the Organization on data and information management?

The organization has trained staff on data and information management who attended various trainings and workshops on information and data management systems. The staffs have expertise in the use of Microsoft office word, Microsoft office Excel, and PowerPoint, which helped tremendously in effective reporting and utilization and management of qualitative data.