Community & Family Health

CPPLi works to help communities in improving their health status by impacting knowledge on hygiene, sanitation, adoption of immunization, home care, nutrition and family planning starting from the family to the community level. This effort is aimed at protecting the child in line with the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) strategy of the World Health Organization. There are 115 per 1000 deaths per under five mortality in Nigeria.

Improving Hygiene: Based on records, 46%of Nigerian households do not have improved sources of drinking water, and over 63% do not have improved toilet facility, it is therefore very paramount to educate the communities on best ways to prevent diseases such as cholera, typhoid and malaria fever. Every year, malaria causes 655,000 deaths, every minute, a child in Africa dies from malaria. Using the Peer Learning mechanism, CPPLi educates the communities in promoting hygiene through regular sanitation, hand washing, personal hygiene, use of mosquito nets; as only 6% of Nigerian children below 5 years of age sleep in insecticide treated Mosquito nets*, water treatment using available resources and food hygiene are also shared.

Sanitation: There is about 1.2 million child deaths each year caused by acute watery diarrhoea , through Peer Learning; CPPLi initiates communal sanitation exercises and collaborates with Community Based Organisations to ensure regular environmental sanitation projects such as clearing drainages and gutters, clearing foot path and bushes, house-to-house inspection, waste dump control and market sanitations. The platform provides the communities; especially the rural and the low income urban areas, with the required knowledge as it is observed that only 38% of the rural populace are aware of the importance of sanitation in Nigeria*.

Adoption of Immunization: There is over 800,000 measles deaths globally each year which could be prevented if all children received measles immunization before the age of one year. Unfortunately, approximately 30% of children who are signed up for routine immunization from birth, in Nigeria, never complete the schedule. Not to mention the millions of children born out of hospital, who never get signed up. According to the United Nations Children Fund, UNICEF, the country loses about 2,300 of ;lt5 year olds every single day with 22% of these deaths caused by vaccine-preventable diseases.

Factors such as ignorance, religious belief, and poor access to health facilities (in the case of rural dwellers) seem to play a major counter-productive role against aggressive immunization campaigns, CPPLi aims to defeat those factors by adequately fostering trust, sensitizing and engaging the communities in discussions and events that promote the adoption of immunization.

CPPLi also works with global donor agencies to mentor, train, monitor and educate essential stakeholders in immunization programmes.

Nutrition: 17.3 million children are malnourished world wide, 10% of these children are in Nigeria alone, 36% of the 1million annual deaths of under five children in Nigeria is attributed to malnutrition with 20% of the children in Northern Nigeria suffer from acute malnutrition.

CPPLi works towards promoting home care, linking the communities with assistance, and information on effective breast feeding, complementary feeding, diet supplementation in areas of Vitamin A deficiency, the adoption and safe use of peanut/groundnut/moringa fortified diets. This is targeted also at curbing the 10% deaths from diarrhea.