Child Protection

Children in every settings, every communities, at every socio-economic level are at risk of abuse, violence, exploitation and neglect. Studies have shown that children living in households and communities affected by conflicts such as insurgency (like that of Boko Haram), ethnic or communal clashes, religious crisis among others, natural disasters, and global pandemics like HIV/AIDS are often at increased risk of abuse, violence, exploitation and neglect.


By 2025 CPPLI is committed to ensuring that abuse, violence, exploitation and neglect against children are no longer tolerated anymore and that the vulnerable and less privilege children in Nigeria particularly in the North East region are protected from any form of harm or danger.

In our efforts to actualize these ambitious objectives for children, their families and communities, we strive to prevent abuse, violence, exploitation and neglect from occurring and where such unacceptable acts occur, we respond by ensuring that children receive the supports they need to regain their resilience and ensure a protective environmental framework that can prevent the children from risk of further harm. These can be achieved through our approaches:

  • Empowering caregivers, families and communities with the requisite knowledge and skills to protect children from abuse, violence, exploitation and neglect.

  • We advocate to government to design and effectively implement guiding rules, principles and policies that would ensure protection of children in whatever settings. 

  • Build the capacity and support other partners, like ministry of women affairs and social development, clinics, teachers, and police officers, courts’ personnel so as to ensure effective implementation of services that would protect children from violence.

  • Working together with children and carrying them along in their protection.

  • Designing child protection projects using community adapted approach.

Been accountable to affected populations.